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Seamless Polymer Gel

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We are a team of Medical professionals with over 300 years of combined patient positioning experience.  Our new, patent pending Seamless Polymer Gel is an award winning product.  

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What is Seamless Polymer Gel (SPG)?

SPG-Seamless Polymer Gel™ is a dry polymer gel product that can be cast or molded into many sizes, shapes and configurations to enhance patient comfort and positioning. SPG-Seamless Polymer™ gel eliminates the need for the unsightly and failure-prone peripheral sealed film around the base of traditional gel positioners. With SPG-Seamless Polymer Gel™, the gel is seamlessly encapsulated within a tough but soft, highly elastic membrane thus ensuring patient comfort, maximum body-conforming support of the gel pad and, importantly, its ease of cleaning. The patent-pending technology is the result of intelligent choice of innovative materials, process options and field input. 

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Our Seamless Polymer Gel is sold around the world by our world class distributors.  If you are interested in joining our network please email us at Info@SPGproducts.com 



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